Performance Management Framework

How are we doing?

A comprehensive Performance Management Framework is being developed for monitoring and reporting the achievement of SWestrans' strategic objectives.

The elements of the Performance Management Framework include:

Icon for pdf Regional Transport Strategy Delivery Plan [484.9KB]

The Delivery Plan sets specific transport projects to help deliver the strategic objective of the RTS and improve transport services for the region.

Icon for pdf Regional Transport Strategy Monitoring and Review Framework [42.76KB]

Development of a matrix of performance indicators to monitor progress over the years

The progress of SWestrans is monitored annually to the Board in the form of an Annual Report.

Icon for pdf The Business Plan [65.22KB]

The Business Plan provides a link between the strategic Priority Interventions in the RTS Delivery Plan and the project details listed in the Capital and Revenue Expenditure Programmes each year.

Icon for pdf The Risk Management Plan [29.89KB]

The Risk Management Plan highlights the possible Corporate, Strategic or Operational risks associated with undertaking SWestrans projects and objectives.

SWestrans works alongside its partner, Dumfries and Galloway Council, for its Health and Safety risk management.